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As of May 2009, you can choose from 100 topics! 

In addition, we can customize or research for your specific needs. 

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Updated May 15, 2009
Contact and Requests for Proposal (RPF)
For further information call PFC Services, Inc. at (678) 560-6725 or you can reach us via e-mail at  We will respond to RFPs quickly, although our calendar is quite full so please include date requirements, if any.
General Notes
All sessions are customized for individual client needs and contain preview slides with sound (subject to A/V availability), handouts, tips and bonuses (where applicable).  The term "Home Décor" refers to any product or service that is above base grade or commodity level.  These are generally products and services that have a fashion element, enhanced functionality, longer than normal life span or relate to a large average ticket.  Almost ALL businesses sell or indirectly sell home decor items!  Sessions can be customized for your needs.  Topics can also be custom researched in many areas- contact us and we will tell you if we can properly present material on a given topic of interest.  
Demand-Based Series: life changing series of proprietary material
Demand-Based Marketing
Demand-Based Advertising
Demand Based Hiring and Staffing
Practical Demand Based Marketing for the Lumber and Building Materials Industry
Timely Topics
Improving Sales Effectiveness: Getting Back to Selling
Tired of Talking Green?  Let's Sell Green!
Management During Turbulent Times
Leadership During Turbulent Times
Managerial Accounting Ideas
Enhancing Sales and Profit During Turbulent Times
Remodel Update: Where Customers are Investing Their Money
The Echo Boomer Generation
Attracting Echo Boomers: The Newest Generation
Enhancing Morale: Optimizing the Performance of a New Generation
Winning the War for Talent
Outlook for Home Décor
Building Materials Industry: Past, Present and Future
The Highly Acclaimed "New Ideas" Series (includes a host of proprietary material)
Part 1 New Ideas for Optimizing Sales and Gross Profit
Part 2 New Ideas for Optimizing Cash Flow
Part 3 New Ideas for Optimizing the Productivity of Sales Associates
Part 4 New Ideas for Optimizing the Return on Your Payroll Investment
Part 5 New Ideas for Managing Your Business
Part 6 New Ideas for Managing the Financial Aspects of Your Business
Part 7 New Ideas for Optimizing Sales at Point of Contact/Point of Sale
Sales Topics
Sales Training for Home Décor
Sales Productivity Training
Building a Sales Empire
25 Winning Ideas for Closing the Sale
Expanding Home Décor Product Lines
Advanced Home Décor Topics- Close Rate and Pricing
25 Strategic Ways to Use Home Décor to Increase Profits
New Product and Sales Trends in Home Décor
Installed Sales, Including Independent Contactors
Introduction to Installation Services
Like it or Not- You are Already Providing Installation Services!
Installed Sales Workshop
Home Décor Installed Sales to Increase Profit
Managing Independent Contractors
Management/Ownership Topics
Entity Structure and Ownership Issues
Advanced Ownership Issues (Compensation and Resource Management)
Evaluating Your Business to Enhance Future Performance
Management and Leadership Briefing- Part 1
Management and Leadership Briefing- Part 2
Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Optimize Profitability
Introduction to Business Valuation
Management Training for Home Décor
Managing Employee Turnover
Home Décor as a Strategic Weapon
Easy Ways to Enter Home Décor
Utilization of Outside Resources
Management with an Accounting/Financial Slant
Improving YOUR Bottom Line- Sketch for Success
Improving YOUR Bottom Line- Blueprint for Success (full day- 6 hour minimum)
Select Strategies that You Can Use- Designed for CPAs in Public Practice or Industry
Using the Numbers to Increase Your Business
Entities and Financial Statements
Commission and Incentive Plans for Home Décor
Home Décor- Credit and Retail Financing
Impact Your Business with Retail Finance Programs
Financial Aspects of Home Décor
Managerial Accounting Ideas
Fast Track Series- designed for serious and intense study
Part 1 Compensation
Part 2 Hiring Techniques and Reducing Employee Turnover
Major Programs- designed for long-term involvement and impact
Retail Profit Improvement Program (RPIP)
Strategic Planning Sessions
Meeting Facilitation Services
Sales Productivity and Optimization Program
General Career Development Topics
Effective Meeting Planning
Improving Retention and Implementation
Return on Investment Strategies
Profitability Model
Using Interfaces to Identify Opportunities
Internal Resource Strategies
External Resource Strategies
The Special Order Life Cycle
Customer Instant Replay Program
Credit and Collection Techniques
Entity Selection
Compensation Strategies and Ownership Issues
Succession Planning
Staff Productivity Assessment
Customer Service Strategies
Bank Loans, Guarantees and Vendor Agreements
Leases, Royalties and Other Long-Term Agreements
Hiring and Staff Retention
Value Added Service Fees for CPAs
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